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Please read before contacting me. If you have a health crisis or condition that you would like to reverse naturally at home you must be established with me for a case review, to discuss your needs and provide you with resources. There is a case review fee with the disciplan program.

For those who find that all avenues of contact given here are not possible, my cell number is: 727-503-5967
Health questions will not be answered without an appointment and payment. Please respect this.

Please do not contact me with site links, videos to watch, protocols to use, etc, though the thought is very much appreciated. I am run off my feet as it is and need to use my time and energy in effectively helping others.

If you are requesting an interview please put 'Press' in the subject line. Thank you.

The contact form has been disabled for the time being as there was an issue with it. Please use the email address below by clicking on the button or typing in the email address into your email. We hope to have the contact form working shortly. For those who sent emails from the 1st of July 2021 onwards please resend your query. Many appologies for the inconvenience.

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