This is the inside of a chemtrail plane and it is important to understand that this is a global military operation that has been taking place for longer than anyone really knows. People from around the world have been documenting this and taking pictures.

Meet David Keith the chemtrail pilot who you can find on YouTube discussing the unknown effects of spraying aresolized aluminum and other toxic metals and chemicals by air. The devil is in the details and this man is what they call a "scientist". He flies military planes equiped with jet sprays that inject aerosolized particles of aluminum, barium, strontium and nano polymer fibers that are infectious and self replicating. This is a military operation on your tax dime. The people are funding air sorcery operations all around the world and this emerging technological sorcery has a plan to kill, steal and destroy all living things by seducing you with doctrines of the devil known as the climate and global warming hoax.

The laboratory made Vaccine is one of the greatest delusions of all times that Satan uses as "technological sorcery" that has led the nations astray one cancer laced genetically mutated poison jab at a time. This art work is from trackvaccinations.com, created by Allison Jones - mother and vaccine educator.

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