0 Wordress – The enemy of Truth everywhere. “But its easy to use!” you say. That’s the deadly trap.

God sent me an angel around June 2020 who told me to get my site off of Wordpress as soon as possible due to the fact that he knew of other sites that were ‘pulled’ by Wordpress – specifically one that linked Halifax in Nova Scotia, Canada, with the 911 atrocities. Here is the link for you to check it out for yourself: https://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/category/halifax-nova-scotias-connection-to-911/

If that site disappears here is a screenshot:

Wordpress censorship

He then proceeded to tell me that hidden in the Wordpress T & Cs (Terms and Conditions) was the verbiage that allowed them to pull sites they do not ‘agree with’ or that ‘violate’ their T & Cs.

Since I had been feeling ‘pressure’ to take my site off of Wordpress, but had no idea how, I did not hesitate to go ahead with this transition after a couple of more emails/texts with this ‘new guy’. I got more information about, what has become,  my fave webdev and saw that he was indeed my ‘Angel from Heaven’. What an awesome guy he turned out to be. It took around two months to transition over and it was very much worth it.

And now ANOTHER truther, just recently, has had his site yanked by Wordpress – Dr. A. True Ott.

http://atrueott.com - Go there and have a look. Here is his screen shot:

Dr Ott's website image

I found this out yesterday when I did a radio show with him. He was pretty despondent and upset about it having put 10 years or so into his site, which had a ton of information in it that one would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. He had even PAID Wordpress to backup his site and when he asked for his backup they refused to contact him. He even got his lawyer to write a letter and …. nothing.

Well, I have put my fave webdev in touch with him and that site may be fully recovered within three months.

One thing about my webdev – he avoided Wordpress like the plague from the get go and he explained why. The guy definitely has the Spirit of the Lord moving through him for sure, and has had for a very long time.

So to all you people out there, I say this wholeheartedly – AVOID WORDPRESS LIKE THE PLAGUE. THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND.

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